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What ever happened to the techno? - Mandy & FevahFM


1 March 2012

Recently Hamilton's FevahFM joined the Fevah records international label. Last week I got the chance to talk to FevahFM's Director about whats hot and happening with Fevah and electronic music in New Zealand.

Tell me a bit about the background of the station. How long has it been running? How long have you personally been involved?

Fevah FM went to air and into the interwebs in late 2010. I have had successful dance shows on other local and regional stations before and it seemed the logical next step to create our own station.

I have been working with the Fevah brand for many years and together we developed the concept of showcasing kiwi talent alongside international superstars of dance music. We were fortunate enough to use an already established website - the website has once been NZ's first dance music forum website and has been refurbished to allow international streaming and other features to support the Radio Station as well as the other components of the Fevah brand. An iphone as well as windows phone application support the accessibility and the android app is not far away.

I have always been close to the brand, but got officially involved with Fevah again in 2008. I set up and managed the station from day one.

Recently FevahFM joined the international record label, what brought this on / what took so long?

Well, the record label was there long before the radio station. Let me tell you the story of Fevah:

Pretty much exactly 15 years ago a dance revolution was born in the back alleys of London’s Red Light District, Soho. It was the first time a bunch of antipodean friends decided that they didn’t want to listen to just Hard House or Trance, they wanted the lot, all and everything under one roof, it was going to be no holds barred dance floor carnage, and they were certainly not going to be taking any prisoners.

Shortly after the club the record label was born and has been producing anthems ever since. Fevah dance parties have filled the best venues world wide. And we are not even considering changing any of this.

Fevah Records is part of SouthernCrossMusic (SXM) - a label, marketing & distribution network we have set up purely to promote, sponsor, market and support NZ produced dance music. With SXM we cater for all genres of electronic music. For any more info on this amazing project I can be contacted under A new website will be launching shortly and all the magic will be revealed.

Fevah FM is the youngest child of the family. Last year I also took on the role as label manager for Fevah Records. We have currently teams in Australia, UK & NZ. The US team is ready to roll again soon after a short break following many fruitful years over there. Fevah will hold his 15 year anniversary party in Melbourne on August 17th with an impressive international line up.

Who’s hot right now?

It's no secret that I am a huge hard dance fan and hard house ambassador. There is immense talent in NZ and new producers show that hard house and hard trance are contemporary, fresh and exciting. I'd keep my eyes on Luke H from Wellington and Mavrik from Auckland.

Recently there’s been a lot of controversy in the media over copyright law and piracy. Proposed laws could potentially have a serious impact on the future of electronic music, as many artists in the genre as well as local DJ’s need to rely on creative commons licensing to continue doing what they do. What are your fears / hopes for the future of the genre?

Well, for us as independent and - compared to the world market leaders in music overall - a small label, it has two sides to it. There is copyright law and there is piracy.

The current ideas on copyright law - especially the impact it can have on the DJ's is simply crazy. That simple.

Piracy - I would prefer to be in full control over what I give out for free and what I want to sell. I say that as a recording artist and also as label manager. On the other hand, the easy spread of music via the Internet is not really a bad thing. If you get posted on many forums etc - it also means that people are interested and like what you are doing. Now it's the time for clever marketing and setting things up in the right direction.

Has copyright law ever presented an issue for the station? If so what  happened?

No, we haven't had any issues with it. We pay APRA. At this point I really want to encourage all artists to register their tunes with the agency. And this includes unreleased tunes as well.

Soundscape is right around the corner who’s on top of your must see list?

Carl Nicholson of course, the headlining Hard Trance legend from the UK. Fevah will host the hard dance zone again. Besides this I am keen to see Hamiltons DJ Godfather Ric Rush. There is an amazing line up including KORA, Zowie, Annah Mac, AC Slater (AUS), Bar9 (UK),State Of Mind + MC Woody,Redial (AUS),Distrakt (AUS) and like 50 more top DJ's & bands - It's simply mental.

Any idea on how the lads managed to score Bar 9 for this event? I mean that’s a big name that could potentially put Soundscape up there with festivals like phat.

Greg and James from Jag Promotions have built a solid reputation over the years of not only being highly professional, but also as genuine passionate about the music.

This reflects in all the extra efforts they go through to make Soundscape an amazing experience for guests and artists alike. They look after their artists and have excellent business ethics. This in return attracts top class artists.

DnB or Dubstep?

hard dance. hehe. Okay, dnb. Dubstep still doesn't make much sense to me. It's like Hard Trance with all the good bits taken out of it. And watching the punters dance - they wait around for a bit to break into a group seizure. Then we wait again. Maybe one day, I'll understand.

Vodka or Tequila?

Vodka. Tequila is evil.

What ever happened to electro? Personally I love it over the current fads but nothing seems to be happening locally?

yeah, there is a bit of a lack of quality electro atm, but keep your eyes on NZ label Get Loaded Records, managed by Producer/DJ Kyle Bourke. You'll always find something. For me the question is - what happend to the techno? Come on, producers. Get in there. It's on the rise again everywhere. Don't miss the boat.

What are your secret plans for 2012? TELL ME YOUR SECRETS!

World Domination. Mwuahahaha. We working very closely with the Melbourne team at the moment on radio and events. We are part of the London Hardhouse Reunion in Auckland in August, our Anniversary in August as well. I will make more tunes to bring out under my own alias DrSuess (and not all of it is hard dance) and extending the labels within SouthernCrossMusic. That should keep me busy. If not I might take up pottery.