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Thunderdykes & Heart Attack Alley @ Static


9 February 2012

Heart Attack Alley: A fresh 3 piece blues rock band out of Auckland. The trio hypnotized the audience from the first note. Fronted by 2 talented babes and accompanied by an extremely talented harmonica player / percussionist. Typical Blues themes mostly include dramatic song of love and love lost, this band put on a flawless, memorable performance.

New to the Hamilton live scene they fit right into a bar like Static, the kind of music you want to contemplate in a dingy basement bar over a straight whiskey. Original, dirty and emotion that hasn’t been done justice through the band’s first recording attempts, Heart Attack Alley’s live act is a must see.

Thunderdykes: A two piece boy, girl band easily likened to the white stripes, the kills or sleigh bells. With a beautiful babe bashing the drum, fronted by a stand up dude with a solid voice and wailing guitars.

The Thunderdykes show the world that New Zealand’s garage rock can compete with the best. Playing in their obscurity to a Japanese slasher flick projected over the drummer, they dazzled the audience pulling in passers-by from the street with their raw talent. Another great set I’m glad to have seen before leaving the city.