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New Music: J-Plates


13 August 2012

This month we caught up with Producer J Plates (Jeremy Graham), at the release of his new track; Look Within (feat. Karen Saunders).

How was your experience working with Liquid Brilliants Records, Is this your first time working with a label and how was the experience overall?

Working with Davyd from Liquid Brilliants was a great experience. Once the minor language barrier was overcome, it was really easy to get down to business in order to get the best out of the track and for the release.

'Look Within (feat. Karen Saunders)' is my debut release, and features alongside a bunch of other talented producers from around the globe, so it's a great showcase for the label and its associated artists.

The track was initially an instrumental piece, but Davyd from LB felt that it would be even better with a vocal, and after the recording and writing process happened with Karen, I think that he was instinctively correct!

What’s been the most challenging hurdle you’ve had to face to get to this point in your career?

Knowing which tracks are finished and good enough for a release, as well as understanding the style of the label and where it’s going.

Having a release on an international label definitely opens doors to other opportunities, and I’ve been working hard to establish good contacts within the industry for future networking.

I’m constantly learning new things as I go along, so I’m trying to remain conscious of what I’m doing and how I want to go forward in the future.

The track sort of fits into ambient breaks, is this where you fit into the EDM spectrum?

I’m a Drum & Bass / Jungle artist so I guess this particular track falls into the "Liquid Drum & Bass" category.

Music always starts from a feeling or an emotion with me, so I make Drum & Bass music across the board. It just depends what I’m into at the moment, and what mood I’m in, or what time of day it is.

I enjoy all aspects of the Drum & Bass / Jungle genre and wouldn't want to limit my listening or writing habits to one particular style, the same goes for music in general.

What kind of LP would we hear if or when one comes along?

Probably something that flows well from start to finish and through various moods and styles. But not sure what would develop once I started.

I’m also a big fan of ambient music so maybe even something along those lines too.

Will you be playing at soundscape this year?

I've only recently become a solo artist so as of yet, I haven't been asked.

What happens after the release of this single, tour? Or LP?

I've been really busy over my summer break working on some brand new material for a couple of labels. It's been really rewarding and I’m really excited about my next few releases, so more studio time for now.

What EDM artists are you currently addicted to?

At the moment, Source Direct, Artificial Intelligence, Total Science, and Serum.

Where are you normally playing? What is your local / favourite venue?

Hamilton doesn’t have a dedicated Drum & Bass club so I’ve been more focused on writing music and getting some solid releases ready, after which I’m hoping to do some gigs around the country and build more of a name for myself.

What do you think about the new bars and venue regulations? Do you think earlier set times will be good or bad at getting people out to shows?

Not sure about any new bar/venue regulations?

Usually the dance music crowd turn up anywhere from 11pm, so it would make sense for bars to open later for those events, compared to the Rock n Roll crowd who generally start earlier and leave after their favourite band.