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Happy Apocalypse New Zealand.


22 January 2012

So we hear you've found us. Then right after you found us we stopped updating, thats cause we

a) are (were) students and had exams and stuff
b) got caught up it profitable work and
c) got drunk over xmas.

This year we're back, the site is up and ready to go. Some of the searches and category listings aren't quite working yet, a facebook done went and update it's Oauth software but we'll get there soon.
We'd like to take a moment to talk to you about the super controversial Internet laws in debate right now. As creators of IP and lovers of free speech we're not sure where to sit on this one. Part of the reason we've delayed setting up the site is due to the pending outcome of this current crisis.
On one hand there are artists work work hard at what they do and deserve their pennies, they deserve your support. On the other major artists write quick selling junk for MTV by licensing someone else's work or just simply waiting till its out of copyright and plagiarizing it directly. The question is should one group be multi-millionaires with all the prime time viewing space while the real talent eats dirt?
On one hand we don't want to loose free speech or user driven content as we know it, we don't want to lose memes, satire or covers or risk copyright infringement for singing happy birthday in a video. On the other hand we don't want to see illegal porn, animal abuse videos, hate speech, and rampant plagiarism shat out all over the internet like explosive diarrhoea.
We've create IP, we've had it stolen. But we're also against laws like SOPA that restrict innovation, persecute the innocent, and allow pirates to continue doing what they do anyway.
As of this writing SOPA has been dropped by nearly all of it's supporters. But this is just the beginning, SOPA will come back in different forms with different names. It's important that we all get involved in a rational debate about it. Right now there are two camps. the "SOPA" camp and the "all information should be free" camp. Both of these philosophies are fundamentally flawed because artists need to make money while people need to be free to express themselves, and the reality is that a line somewhere in the middle needs to be drawn.
We don't have the answer but here's a few things we do know. We do this out of our love of music and our love for New Zealand. Sound-pollution's main goal is to help artists and consumer find what they want easily and fairly. We don't really know what this site will become but one thing we do know is that this place is free and it always will be. We are all inclusive and don't give preference to any artist, location, provider or genre. this site is about equality.
On a final note. If we've infringed on your copyright tell us and we'll remove the content. If you want to be listed or have your listing updated tell us, if you have an upcoming gig or album release you want the world to know about DEFINITELY tell us.
ps. apparently the contact form is broken too i'll get right on that