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Bobby James


13 August 2012

Just before our little server changeover I got a chance to catch up with singer, song writer Bobby James about is new singles, the search for a new band and the formation of his persona.

Bobby has been hard at work in the studio resulting in the release of some awesome new singles: "Techonology" and "My Addiction". have a listen by clicking here

Is technology your addiction?

Is technology my addiction? Well a lot of time yes when I can afford it. I find that the more pricey the technology is, the better it is in the long run. Cheap crap brakes down all the time on me ha ha.

Who is Bobby James and what does he want?

Well Bobby James being my alter ego he wants the chance to tour make an album and have a good following of fans with lots of encouragement and support, and having the advantage of playing and recording all instruments. I differently know what I want as far as putting a really tight well crafted band together

Who are your main musical influences?

Bands such as AC/DC, Metallica, Michel Jackson, Gary Moore, Alice in chains, Foo fighters soundgarden, Pantera, Van Halen , Just to name a few.

What did you learn about music at this point from your experiences up to this point in your career?

For me personally being in so many bands through the years it’s so hard to find the right group of people that all get along with each other, and focus on the task at hand and that’s just getting to band practices, promoting, the band getting gigs, making a record.

If even one person isn't all for this the foundations of the band will slowly start to fall. So for me it's just trying to find the right group of people with talent and the motivation to go hard and work together as a team.

I love Wellington; tell me something about Metal in Wellington?

Well I live outside of Wellington in a small town called Otaki so I've only been there a few times but. I've heard great things about Wellington music and really looking forward to checking it out

Favourite Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington Venue?

Fav Auckland venue would have to have been saint James, and kings arms, had some really great gigs there and seen some incredible bands there. Hamilton; would have to say Altitude bar, Diggers bar, who could forget Axces, ward lane, and when the Yellow submarine was going that place was killer as well.

Wellington Venues; Like I said haven't been here for that long but seen some amazing bands in a place called Bodega, and San Francisco Bathhouse,

What’s next for Bobby James Tour? Record?

Well just started recording again and trying to piece a band together. Also lots of promoting and then I will look into touring

If a robot had to fight a bear who would win?

Well depending on what type of robot. If it was a Terminator, the bear would have no fucking chance at all. But something like Robo Cop I think the bear would have a fighting chance Murphy is all shit hahaha.