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and on the third day there was metal...


27 March 2012

Day3 are an up and coming 4 piece hard rock / metal band from Hamilton. Having just playing the tattoo festival in town we tought it was high time we caught up.

What happened on day 3?

Well you see Duane and I (Stew) had a massive night on the vodka and decided we would start a band together, but it took us 3 days to get over the massive hang over so it was day3 that we actually got together and wrote the first song. Good story but wasn't actually the case.

The name actually refers to numerology. At the time when day3 originally formed we were only a three piece and all our birth dates came to a 3 in numerology and we were going to call ourselves 3day, but thought it sounded too much like green day so we swapped it around to DAY3. Ironically it is also the third project Duane and I have been involved in. We have known each other since we were 11 years old and have jammed together since high school. So third time lucky.

If the band was attacked by a TIGER what would they do?

We would smash that pussy! All good pussy's like to be smashed.

Who’s the most metal person you know and why?

That's gotta be Duane our Bassist. He is known to cruise around all day with Hatebreed and Machine Head playing on his phone, and just the other night was at the bar snorting vodka. METAL! If he had his way there would be more Double Kick over all our songs.

Where can we find a copy of the EP?

Hit us up on Facebook or Myspace for a cd, or come to any of our shows and we will have some there. We don't have an official release yet but we have our demo's we have done at home. You can listen to these online as well. 'Like' us on Facebook and join our mailing list and we will keep you up to date with everything we are doing.

Tell us about the best show you’ve played?

We have only been together about 6 months, even though Duane and I started Day3 in 2006, we have reinvented ourselves with 2 new members and a new sound, so I would have to say our best show so far would've been our second show last year in August 2011.

We won a competition to open for I Am Giant and played for a strong crowd at Altitude in Hamilton. We kicked ass and got an awesome reception from everyone. A very cool moment. The start of something new, and a feeling that we have something special to share with the world.

And what about the worst?

Ah well I cant think of one that stands out but we have had a lot of shockers over the years. Mainly from inexperienced sound and production teams, so we just end up with a terrible sound out the front and on stage. There is nothing worse than not being able to hear anything on stage! It makes it hard to put your all into the show.

I did have Dom's cymbal stand fall and the cymbal cut my guitar lead in half at the last show, that was something I have never experienced before. But since Dom and Steve (New Drummer and Second Guitarist) have joined the band we haven't had any bad shows, they have all been kick ass.

Lots and lots of Hamilton shows and I see your starting to build a name for yourselves. Any plans to take the leap and do a NZ tour?

We are definitely looking into booking our own shows around the country this year, possibly a tour around June. We are constantly looking for other bands going on tour to hook up with. We have a lot of songs written now and are always writing more, so this year we are going to push hard to play live and showcase our new repertoire of songs.

Who would you most like to play a show with?

Machine Head would be the ultimate, we have a lot of respect for these guys and there music, and the passion they have. Also Papa Roach would be mean, we would suit their show and they have a pumping live performance, just like us.

Describe your sound with 3 words.

Diverse, Powerful, Soulful