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3 Von Tempsky street


9 March 2012

Yes it’s true I’ve crossed the ditch to Aus. Not forever but I think it’s time to have a look at this big wide world. Sound-pollution is a great project, if no one’s watching. Well at least It Ale’s my homesickness.

In my years has a student I can’t remember a week without venturing into the city to see some local guitars tear up the stage. There are a lot of weeks I simply can’t remember…

But there’s a few things I’ll never forget; Screaming my head off to The Mobile Stud Unit’s puss rock anthems, Moshing in the lounge as 8 Ball Rattle set the house on fire, fighting everyone and no-one at a Brick vs Face show in the basement at Yellow Submarine, Krystal getting kicked in the face at Blindspots last show, The Lost Boys causing a riot, 3 fire trucks and a herd of coppers on my front door.

For a time the dirty, cesspool, squatter haven of number 3 Von Tempsky was a place I could call home. Perhaps it is the only home I’ll ever really know. Every day at Von Tempsky meant loud guitars, drunken adventures and crazy characters. It was both hope and despair, it was beautiful and disgusting, it was filthy and glorious.

Alias all great things must come to an end.

My adventure continued briefly in Wellington. Through 21 Marion street kicking off with an over the top party featuring some cool cats I got to know as “The Lost Boys” (They’ll have a feature up soon). This first show defined my Wellington experience the amount of hidden talent oozing out of every corner of this city still makes my jaw drop.

The insanity the frequented the infamous Von Tempsky flat seems like a life time ago. While the chaotic lifestyle of both dwellings wasn’t without its troubles we realise now what we lived through was actually something quite unique and I don’t regret a thing.

Sound-pollution was created one night on the home brew, as Co-founder Alan Gregson and I reminisced in a garage in Tauranga. Alan’s new place, a museum packed with memorabilia from the day. As we get older we become more and more distant from the scene we once lived for. But can we really leave this lifestyle? Grow old and responsible? get mortgages and pay taxes? Finding the things we loved to do have become a challenge now that we’re just simply not there to watch it happen.

So if you need to ask why we created this site the reason is simple: Because we love New Zealand Music! Whether it’s Bic Runga singing a lullaby or Beastwars spitting in our faces we want to hear our stories on stage, we want to hear real music from real people.

We love it when the shitty PA breaks down midway through a set. We love it even more when it all goes right and our beloved local flies off to chase their dreams. We’re also sick of mainstream pop, the Americanisation of our beautiful culture; pushing some of the most amazing, inspiring talent I’ve ever had the pleasure of witnessing into the shadows, while the likes of Lady Gaga and Kayne West shit all over the TV and radio. is here to showcase real New Zealand music regardless of genre, popularity, unsigned or signed, shitty or great. Whether you’re blowing up practice amps in your garage or headlining international music festival’s as long as you’re repping New Zealand you have a place on our site and in our hearts.