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A casual contract web developer to perform monthly dev tasks at a negociable fixed rate. Most of the work will be basic database relationships, basic sql queries, etc.

some php and javascript knowledge an preferred.

silverstripe and facebook connect experience advantage.

please contact us with you details and portfolio website. 


sound-pollution is a free resource for musicans and music fans in New Zealand to communicate. This site is free to use and always will be

We've got plenty of other cool features in the works like forums, facebook integration, free downloads, competitions and sweepstakes, a better video section, more features and a content scheldule. We are a constantly growing community with a good response so far in our first few months getting setup.

We don't have a clear plan, just the theme of supporting New Zealand music. So if you have an idea or want to get involved please let us know.

Thanks to everyone who's been involved so far!



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